Mad Monk Bar

Unwind with a drink at the Mad Monk Bar

Gathering at the Mad Monk Bar for a drink before dinner at Lingka or Gawa Restaurant, or for after-hours fun, is a highlight for guests. Located adjacent to reception in the main lobby, the Mad Monk Bar is an ideal venue for you to unwind. It is named after Drukpa Kunley (1455-1529) also known as The Divine Madman of the Dragon Lineage. Drukpa Kunley was a great master of Mahamudra in the Drukpa Kagyu Buddhist tradition. He became famous for his teaching methods, using outrageous behavior and ribald humor in order to awaken people he met and free them from conventional morality and self-obsession!

A variety of international beverages as well as local beers and spirits are served in a cozy setting. Ask your bartender to mix you a delightful cocktail, appropriately named the “Dragon warmer,” or try Ara - a local homemade rice wine.