Tea House

Take a break or socialise in the Tea House

Tea houses are a part of the fabric of life in the Himalayas. They are a place to rest, replenish and socialise, and often form part of the family home for many in Bhutan.  

The Tea House at Zhiwa Ling Heritage is an intimate and private cottage designed in the spirit of this tradition. It is elevated for pristine views of the rock faces and mountains protecting Bumdra - meaning ‘Rock of One Hundred Thousand Foot Prints’. Cast your eye a little further to view Sang Choekor Buddhist College, the beginning of the Bumdra trek.

Located near the Meditation House and our greenhouse, the Tea House welcomes you in to relax. Enjoy reading your own book or choose one from our abundant library. Write postcards or scribble in your journal. Sip an invigorating cup of Bhutan butter tea. Recharge your soul in this cozy nook which also features a wood burning stove to keep you warm on cold days.

Download the Tea House brochure to select your choice of tea.