Monday - Sunday
8 am - 6pm

Indulging in the Zhiwaling experience goes beyond a simple stay; it unfolds as an enchanting cultural and spiritual journey, weaving you into the very fabric of Bhutan's rich heritage

  • Our Tea House
    Take a Break or Socialise in The Tea House

    Partake in a Bhutanese tea ceremony at Zhiwaling Heritage’s picturesque tea house. Here, you can actively engage in the preparation of traditional butter tea using a wooden churner and savour your personally crafted brew. While enjoying your tea, peruse our modest collection of books at the tea house library.

  • Yoga
    Enjoy a magical view of Paro Taktsang

    Zhiwaling Heritage hosts many visiting yoga teachers who hold yoga retreats in our Samden Meditation House. Enjoy a magical view of Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) during your yoga class which will include nurturing postures, rhythmic breathing exercises and meditation to finish. Focus attention on the breath, stretch your body and cultivate a greater sense of mindfulness.

    We can cater for yoga on demand with an excellent local teacher, but if you would prefer to practice independently feel free to use the mats, bolsters, straps and equipment available.

  • In-House Temple
    Learn more about Spiritual Heritage of Bhutan

    Gain a deeper appreciation of this ancient Buddhist kingdom and its spiritual heritage by observing the placement of significant masters, saints and lamas.
    Many ceremonies have taken place inside our Buddhist temple including Lhab Sang Ritual. This Ritual is a ceremony to celebrate new beginnings and special occasions.

    Located on the second floor of the main building, Our temple has been built with 450 year old timbers that were originally part of Gangtey Monastery (built 1613 AD).Our temple has Guru Rinpoche as the central figure flanked by Terton Pema Lingpa on the left and Zhabdrug Ngawang Namgyal on right, facing them.

    Watch a short video about the life of Siddhārtha Buddha, as told by Sonam Zam. 

  • Activities
    Archery and Dart Demonstration

    Archery is a national sport of Bhutan, the importance of the bow and arrow has been celebrated in the country for thousands of years. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, but now it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.

    Dart or Khuru is a Traditional Bhutanese sport that was once used as a way of training Bhutanese men to fight off potential invaders. It involves throwing darts outdoors onto a small target approximately 15–20 meters away. However, today the game is played purely for fun.

    Witness the Archery and Dart demonstration at Zhiwaling Heritage and learn how to master the traditional Bhutanese games.