Monday - Sunday
8 am - 6pm
Where the essence of Bhutanese hospitality begins!

Venture beyond the empty beauty of a hotel chain and experience the warmth and comfort of Zhiwaling Heritage - a 5 star hotel living in harmony with nature, culture and tradition.

  • Samden Meditation House
    Meditation Classes for Quiet Contemplation

    Meditation is a practice involving techniques used to focus the mind and improve mental clarity, focus and emotional stability. Engross yourself in receiving powerful spiritual energy, while meditating from Zhiwaling’s meditation house that overlooks a stunning view of the famous Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) that encourage introspection and communion.


  • Menlha Spa
    Spa Treatments for Mind, Body & Spirit

    Kuzuzangpo la. Welcome to our sanctuary for good health. The traditional therapists at Menlha Spa offer you a heavenly experience where mind, body and spirit can truly relax. Menlha Spa offers a fitness centre, sauna, steam room as well as a traditional Bhutanese outdoor hot-stone bath for your enjoyment. Our steam, sauna and exercise facilities are complimentary for your use.

    Each of our treatment rooms are dedicated to one of the aspects of Tara, the radiant goddess. Tara embodies the virtues of compassion, healing, wisdom and fearlessness. She is the most venerated female deity, representing the divine feminine of the Buddha Nature. All treatments begin with your therapist invoking the healing energy of Tara, and conclude with the balancing resonance of the Himalayan singing bowl.

    Immerse yourself in the pure bliss of nature's embrace as you experience our extraordinary Outdoor Hotstone Bath. Set amidst breathtaking surroundings, this exquisite sanctuary offers a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation.

    Download the Menlha Spa Brochure

  • Fitness centre
    Connect Head with Heart

    The Fitness Centre is a health, recreational and social facility geared towards exercise, sports and other physical activities. Enjoy an exclusive access for guests only in a fully equipped fitness center, where only in-house guests can have seamless experience. Engage yourself in a large room containing special equipment, where you can physically work out and get fit.

  • Pool
    Relaxation Oasis

    Indoor heated swimming pool are a luxury that can be enjoyed at any time of day, night, or year. Experience one of the largest indoor heated swimming pool in Bhutan and give yourself the time to power down from constant digital stimulation. Offering privacy in a climate-controlled setting that’s protected from the elements that you can take a dip regardless of the weather.